Project Medows started in 2018 with the purchase of an authentic stone villa in the beautiful mountain village of Keri in the south on the Greek island of Zakynthos.


The villa was purchased casco, which means that the outside walls and roof were ready there.


The first preparations were to legalise the whole project and to make various adjustments on paper with the architect. 

The adaptation that consisted of more glass, a swimming pool and larger verandas should ultimately ensure that the villa gets an authentic modern look that is very functional for the benefit of future guests. 


The villa will be fully equipped with all the comforts you could wish for such as a private swimming pool, every room a private bathroom, a very complete kitchen, air conditioning in every room, satellite TV , WiFi 50 mbps and a beautiful view.


The work to turn this project into a beautiful villa with a swimming pool has now begun, see photos.

Like it was

The plans

The start the demolition

Build it up

This is the result.

The entire project was handed over by the owner to M Heeling, a Dutchman who has lived here for 15 years and has several small businesses and has experience with construction projects from now and in the past see details below. 


Because of his good contacts at Zakynthos, the projects will therefore be implemented in a completely different way as they are used to do here.


M. Heeling




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Menno Heeling



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