€850.000,- BC.

Villa Keri Lake

Magnificent villa with six double bedrooms, spacious infinity pool and a lot of extra's. The view over the harbor of Keri Lake and Marathoninisi Island (Turtle Island) is truly an eyecatcher. You find this villa in Limni Keriou/Keri Lake, Zakynthos (Zante) with a lot of privacy.

€1.050.000,- BC.

Villa Macharado

This beautiful very modern single storey house with swimming pool is tucked away in the mountains of Machairado and Kiliomeno. This house is completely self-supporting in terms of energy and water. The view is breathtaking and  includes a swimming pool.


€300.000,- BC

Double in Keri.

This double house is located in the mountains of Keri with a breathtaking view over the village of Keri and the sea. The upper and lower house can be bought in its entirety, which offers many possibilities or separately.

To take care that everything goes legal I work with a lawyer, accountant and a Real Estate manager from the island.


If you decide to build your own home here, I can help you find the location you want here on Zakynthos, I can also supervise the construction and ensure that it is built as you wish if you stay elsewhere. I have very good contacts with various builders, architects, lawyers and companies that are needed to make your project a success.


See: Project Medows Keri

Liveris construction market in Lithakia is a

company that offers all the

 building materials and tools that you needed to build a house

and they bring everything on location.


M. Heeling




Menno Heeling



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