Villa Keri Lake €975.000,-kk

Villa Macharado €1.050.000,- kk

House Mandalay Lithakia €295.000,-kk

Villa Keri €350.000 KK

To take care that everything goes legal I work with a lawyer, accountant and a Real Estate manager from the island.


If you decide to build your own home here, I can help you find the location you want here on Zakynthos, I can also supervise the construction and ensure that it is built as you wish if you stay elsewhere. I have very good contacts with various builders, architects, lawyers and companies that are needed to make your project a success.


See: Project Medows Keri

Liveris construction market in Lithakia is a

company that offers all the

 building materials and tools that you needed to build a house

and they bring everything on location.


M. Heeling




Menno Heeling



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